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Venous Insufficiency

The first time I noticed my legs get swollen was around 1995. I attributed the swelling to my weight fluctuations and the fact that I was working as a cashier, and I had to be standing for long hours. After numerous visits to my foot doctor, and numerous medical tests that did not disclose a cause for the swelling, I was referred to a Vascular Surgeon in 2007. The Vascular Surgeon diagnosed me with Venous Insufficiency. The diagnosis was terrible news. I was told there was no treatment other than to wear compression stockings and take a baby aspirin for life. The compression stockings, and the aspirin were the only options to avoid my legs from getting bigger and to prevent blood clots.

​Throughout the years, the leg swelling worsened and at times was debilitating. Doing simple chores as house cleaningand doing the laundry were a challenge, because standing for more than thirty minutes caused my legs to feel heavy and painful. In addition, I could not wear just any type of shoes because of the swelling. I was limited to wearing flat and wide shoes.

​Between 2007 and 2012, I visited four different Vascular Surgeons in search of another treatment option. Unfortunately, all four Vascular Surgeons said there was nothing left to do than just wear the compression stockings to avoid blood clots and the legs from getting bigger. On September 2014, my GeneralDoctor referred me to a Vascular Surgeon to evaluate if I was a candidate for a medical procedure. To my surprise, I was told that my Saphenous Veins were almost double their size. I had no idea that my leg veins could ever enlarge. The good news was that the Vascular Surgeon could eliminate the enlarged veins with laser surgery. The Saphenous Veins, which are the longest veins on the legs, were eliminated in January and March 2015.

​Although the Saphenous Veins were eliminated, the swelling and the pain did not completely disappear. In addition, I could not just wear any type of shoes. The Vascular Surgeon conducted other tests to know the cause of the swelling. In June of 2015, I was diagnosed with lower extremity Lymphedema. It was very difficult for me to know that after two surgeries I had to deal with another condition. Also, I was told Lymphedema is a chronic swelling of the legs and has no cure. The only treatment for Lymphedema is to drain the legs with a pump and wear the compression stockings. I used the pump, wore the compression stockings and received Lymphedema massage therapy, which consists of wrapping the legs for over three hours. The treatments certainly helped, but the swelling and pain were always there. However, I continued to do everything possible to have a better quality of life.

On August 21, 2016, I was evaluated by Energy Medicine professional Jose Hurtado-Prudhomme and began a Homeopathic Treatment. About a week into the Homeopathic Treatment, I was shocked to notice how my legs were feeling lighter and the swelling was less. Much more surprising was to be able to wear a particular pair of shoe all day at work without any pain and less swelling. Those same pair of shoes, along with other shoes, I was not able to wear at work for more than two hours because of the pain associated with the swollen feet.

The Homeopathic Treatment is greatly helping me with the Venous Insufficiency and with the lower extremity Lymphedema. I am feeling much healthier. My legs are feeling much lighter, the swelling has gone down a lot, and I do not feel any pains on my legs. I am able to wear shoes all day, which I was only able to wear for a couple of hours before. I am now able to stand for over thirty minutes without any leg pain and the need to sit or lay down. I am finally enjoying a better quality of life thanks to the Homeopathic Treatment that I am getting from Energy Medicine professional Jose Hurtado-Prudhomme. I am now on a more clear and rapid healing path.

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