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AllerG Elimination, Sensitivities Elimination 20K Allergens

AllerG Elimination is a series of 10 sessions in 3 to 5 visits or (1 visit of about 3 hrs. for clients from other states) using non-cognitive biofeedback, cold laser therapy and homeopathy to retrain the body’s stress responses and help clean out layers of toxic waste and learned responses to stressors.

Sensitivities are an issue of concern to over 30% of the U.S. population, and can lead to very severe conditions causing anything from anaphylactic shock to death. Even the mildest sensitivity can impede a person from attaining their goals and ambitions in life.

Accurate Personalized Therapies


Using data from the AllerGTox scan, we will assess blockages to the free flow of energy in your body that are associated with a variety of different substances – from dairy and grains, to dust, pollen, molds and many more. Then, we will build a personalized therapy, introduced by non-invasive low-level laser therapy, for specific acupuncture points on the body. Supportive products, designed specifically for you, may also be recommended. The BEBB Protocol, combined with biofeedback laser technology, makes desensitization easy, fast and thorough. By supporting your body to create new and different associations with each substance to which you are sensitive, through the laser light, we deliver powerful homeopathic frequencies that literally resets your body’s response to these substances in real-time!

Quick, Easy, and Non-invasive


Because the biofeedback system is a frequency-based therapy, there is little you need to do to prepare. Just drink water and be adequately hydrated. Then simply watch, as your relationship with old stressors shifts, in the coming days to weeks and you feel more energetic, aware and content.


Release Sensitivities Permanently


In order to eliminate and rid your sensitivities, we will introduce each of their problem-causing frequencies (sensitivities) back into their body, in amounts (potencies and dilutions) their body asks for, one session at a time. For example, if milk sensitivities are to be eliminated first (because the body chooses to deal with that sensitivity first), then during Session # 1, the computer will introduce the frequency for milk into your patient’s body. As you introduce that frequency through the Dynamic Induction LLLT, certain auricular (ear) and acupuncture points are stimulated, and endorphins and other feel-good biochemical cascades are released. So, instead of that frequency (milk) causing you to go into sensitive reaction, the laser retrains the nervous system to respond normally when you drink milk! Instead of an upset stomach, running nose, etc., it becomes an enjoyable experience.

This new nervous system pathway permanently replaces the old pathway thus permanently ridding you, the client of that specific sensitivity. Once the pathways are retrained for each sensitivity, the symptoms are eliminated.

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