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Distance Healing Globally

What is Distance Healing?  Distance Healing is the quantum biofeedback energetic healing process done via airwaves through quantum physics principles. In scientific circles this is known as non-local healing or distant healing.  It is a proven scientific fact that this method of healing is extremely effective.  Harvard University holds seminars in non-local healing. 


The medical establishment has performed many double-blind studies that also prove the effectiveness of this type of therapy.

How does Distance Healing work?  Distance Healing works according to quantum physics.  In Quantum, everything is connected.  Everything is part of a continuous whole.  Distance is not a factor.  Distance Healing is wireless technology and works on a principle like the cell phone. It is well accepted that the garage door opener and the television remote work by wireless methods.  The cell phone works at even greater distances. 


There simply must be a sender ana receiver.  In this case the sender is the Practitioner with the quantum biofeedback device and the receiver is the Client.

Quantum physic research and studies have shown that there is a “morphogenic” or “information” field that operates beyond space, time and the physical realms. That field has been known for thousands of years by great philosophers, sages and deeply spiritual people. It is where all the past, present and even future events are imprinted and from there the actual “matrix” of our physical reality is being formed through our own consciousness and the consciousness of all those around us.

How does the Quantum devise find a person at a great distance?  It is a medically proven fact that prayer heals.  How does prayer reach the right person?  By Intent.  How does the quantum biofeedback distance healing find the right person?  Through intent, but also through the resonant frequency number that the device locates for a human being. It is like a universal cell phone number. To locate this number, it is necessary to have a person’s picture, full name, date and place of birth.

What can the Distance Healing session tell me about physical details of the session?  The quantum biofeedback system is a stress and pain management system that helps to harmonize vital energies.  There is a large array of information if you want it.  The quantum biofeedback system device takes over thousands of measurements based on subtle responses to stressors during the session.  Granted, we are not medical doctors at In Harmony we cannot offer diagnoses of any illness. But we can access your energy system and apply stress management techniques using biofeedback.

Do I need to be on the phone when the healing is being done?  No, but we will let you know the approximate time of the session so you can relax or nap, play peaceful music, or just be aware that the healing is taking place.  We can call you, or the person who received the session after it is completed, to share details.  Each session is custom designed for you and your individual health situation.  We do require the consent of the person for a Distance Healing.

How effective is Distance Healing?  It is extremely effective.  Clients call us from all around the United States and other countries.  We can address stress quickly and effectively.  Many recipients feel the energy during the session or within days of the therapy.  Depending on the situation, an additional session or more may be called for. There are no side effects from Distance Healing, and most people respond very rapidly.  Hundreds of people around the United States have received Distance Sessions.  We do Distance Healing daily to help them balance stress and strengthen vital energies.

In Harmony Holistic session is an investment in good health and personal well-being. Our de-stressing process does not interfere in any way with medical treatment or prescriptions. It is not meant as a substitution for traditional medicine. Clients are encouraged to see their doctor for any medical imbalances.

Distance Stress Relief has been helping people to relieve their stress energetically for many years. We have been doing Distance Therapy sessions successfully over the years. We make no claims, except to say that our program is designed for stress management. Since the start, thousands of clients have received benefits from using our program. We enjoy our work immensely and feel that it is our contribution to the world to raise conscious awareness and help others to feel happier, healthier and live more integrated lives.

Energy blocks perpetuate cycles of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual discordance. The Distance Stress Relief process assists the process of changing past patterns not in accordance with who we truly are on a deeper level. The process uses advanced biofeedback techniques that utilize specific frequencies to gather information from your energy field. This then enables the system to apply harmonious resonance to your individual stress factors.

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