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About Me

Jose Hurtado-Prudhomme, Director of In Harmony Holistic, is one of the leading practitioners in the field of Energetic Medicine in the United States and globally.

Seeing the need for cutting edge applications of complementary medicine, Mr. Hurtado-Prud’homme founded “In Harmony Holistic” in 2009.


Mr. Hurtado-Prud’homme brought his Practice to the heart of Manhattan to Fitness Results, Inc a 23 years old Integrative Studio where he shared the space with other 20 independent health practitioners, personal trainers of diverse background, Qi-Gong Master, Reiki, Acupuncturist, and more.


Mr. Hurtado-Prud’homme studied and gained his certification in the field of Bio resonance and biofeedback in Canada.

Education and Certifications

International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine, Hawaii & Atlanta
Doctorate in Alternative Medicine


Trinity School of Natural Health

Certified Natural Health Professional

American University of Holistic Healing

Bioenergetics Electroacupuncture

The Weiss Institute

Certified in Past Life Regression Therapy

Enric Corbera Institute, Spain

Post graduate degree in Bio-Neuro-Emotion


Auriculotherapy Certification

Instituto Tecnologico Regional de Queretaro

Industrial production and design

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My Philosophy
The Harmony of Existence

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Each human being is a small hologram, or model of the larger universe in which he or she lives.

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Outside are the energies of sunshine, the night, the moon, the stars, and the forces of nature.

All exist together, forming the eternal ebb and flow of life. Inside, are the internal organs, our structural organs and our mind.


Outside, there are no dis-eases; no pneumonia or cancer. Everything is built to work efficiently and in harmony.

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Inside, health concerns must be addressed by reducing stress and eliminating the stressors in our life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  To operate without dis-ease there are 5 basic elements that must work in harmony for optimum function.

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1) The human body should be able to produce energy from the food we eat, andefficiently eliminate any waste.

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2) Clean water should fill each new cell and assist in eliminating metabolic waste.

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3) The air we breathe should reach every cell and the oxygen should be transformed into energy as carbon dioxide is eliminated.

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4) Our mind should efficiently communicate energetically with each cell in the body. Cells working efficiently are programmed to obey orders. 

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5) Our biology can be altered by our thoughts and feelings. This is the “game-changer” element. It is where most dis-ease begins. For example, if we have strong feelings and thoughts that are sending out signals to our body that we are finished in life, our body will obey and begin to demolish our bone structure. The signal sent will be powerful enough to begin the life ending process. Through our thoughts we have told our body that there is no further need for repair because we are done.

Thinking Man.webp

The Immune System and Longevity 

To achieve Longevity and Strengthen our immune systems there are three key life nutrients and one essential element. The three key life nutrients are:


Clean air


Clean water




Pure love

As simple as it may sound, these nutrients and this essential element have a direct impact on our health and our immune system. Many, if not most of my clients with chronic illnesses have a deficiency of one or more of these nutrients and/or are lacking this essential element.

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