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Diabetes for 30 years and Pain Eliminated

My mother has been diabetic for the past 30 years. She consistently suffered from foot pain.

While visiting Mexico city, she had to be hospitalized due to high levels blood sugar that ranged between 400-500. Her doctor then prescribed her insulin shots self administered three times daily. She had been taking Metformin daily for many years.

She traveled to New York city and continue the indications from her doctor to inject the insulin three times daily; her feet pain was continuos.

I contacted Dr. José H. P. to search for another option to my mother suffering and possibly improve many other issues. Besides her high blood sugar, her depressive state was as consistent as her high blood sugar levels and her feet pain.

Dr. José ran a quantum distance evaluation to find the possible causes of her health problems. He mentioned that my mother suffered diabetes mellitus II that we already knew, as well he added that her kidney function was compromised and was causing the feet pain and fear.

Through the evaluation, he determined the homeopathic drops that were going to help my mother with her problems in addition to the energetic therapy at distance.

My mother traveled back to Mexico and started taking the indicated drops, in less than a week after starting her treatment, her blood sugar level normalized, her energy level was evident.

The pain of her feet disappeared the inflammation of her fingers started disappearing as well. Her progress was surprising to all our family. Her depression and low self image improved by 90%. She is continuing her treatment since her medical doctor in Mexico told her that in fact her kidneys were not functioning properly and the pain was due to her previous high blood sugar.

I am so glad that I contacted Dr. José H. P. My mother improved a great deal to the point that her blood sugar levels had maintained normal without the need of insulin shots three times a day. And she no longer has the terrible pain of her feet. She is cured.

I am grateful and happy to express this testimony hence my mother is a 78 years old woman and improved thanks to the intervention of Dr. José H. P.

María L Cisneros

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