DID YOU KNOW? … That if you feel DEPRESSED for an hour… you’ve produced around 18 BILLION new cells in your body that have 18 billion new peptide-receptors calling out for MORE DEPRESSED type peptides. On the other hand if you can feel HAPPY and ENTHUSIASTIC for an hour . . . you’ll have 18 billion new cells calling out for more FEEL GOOD peptides.

This is not just an “emotional-mental” idea. Those 18 billion peptides are physically produced by your body in your hypothalamus gland in the center of your brain. The new cells exist within you physically

So every emotion you experience . . . from anger to hatred to resentment to frustration to depression to joy to enthusiasm to happiness . . . are physically duplicated in your body to give you MORE of what you think and feel. (The research and background on this came from Harvard University and Candace Pert in her book Molecules of Emotion.)

This brings new depth and meaning to the saying: What you focus on expands. No wonder some people are stuck in their thoughts and doomed to a future worse than their past (!) Either no one ever told them this . . . or they couldn’t hold onto the idea because their undisciplined MIND was running the show. Most people do not have the discipline nor the power to control their own thoughts. Like Plato said:

“The undisciplined mind is like a boat at sea . . . where the Captain and the Navigator have been locked up below deck … while the crew sails around the oceans in aimless circles, with no destination nor goals nor plans in sight.”

Each one of us is much more powerful than we might give ourselves credit for. Our thoughts and feelings have the power to crave more of the same. This goes from the craving for drugs and alcohol – to the craving for money and success. What you focus on – you get more of. When you learn to discipline your mind — instead of letting it run on and on in mindless circles – great things are possible! The very idea that we can create ourselves by what we think and feel … is amazingly good news for us!

Today you can actually go to In Harmony Holistic Stress Relief where they can stimulate your hypothalamus gland to expand all the feel-good emotions you want in your system.  Then you can be connect to a BIOFEEDBACK computer where, first, they can de-program your old, dysfunctional thought patterns.

Then they can empower you by programming in NEW NEURO-PATHWAYS — to build a stronger, happier, more powerful you. This is actually a miracle — all possible today because of the miracles of NEURO-Science.  (Now, see if you can discipline your mind to hold onto this powerful idea — and do something with it!)  Call In Harmony today for a Quantum Biofeedback session – (646) 377-0448

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