Jose Hurtado-Prudhomme
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Meet Jose

Jose Hurtado-Prudhomme, Director of In Harmony Holistic, is one of the leading practitioners in the field of Energetic Medicine in the United States and globally.

Seeing the need for cutting edge applications of complementary medicine, Mr. Hurtado-Prud’homme founded “In Harmony Holistic” in 2009. Mr. Hurtado-Prud’homme brought his Practice to the heart of Manhattan to Fitness Results, Inc a 23 years old Integrative Studio where he shared the space with other 20 independent health practitioners, personal trainers of diverse background, Qi-Gong Master, Reiki, Acupuncturist, and more. Mr. Hurtado-Prud’homme studied and gained his certification in the field of Bio resonance and biofeedback in Canada. He studied Bio-Energy Balancing and Voll’s Polarity in Atlanta and Hawaii at the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine. He is certified in Past Life Regression Therapy by The Weiss Institute. He gained a post graduate degree in Bio-Neuro-Emotion at the Enric Corbera Institute in Spain.

He is a graduate of Instituto Tecnologico Regional de Queretaro where he studied industrial production and design. He studied Culinary arts at the Institute for Culinary Education. He studied Kung Fu Wu-Su at Alan Lee Chinese Martial Arts School, Meditation, Qi Gong, and Shamanistic Healing Practices.

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My Specializations

I can help in the following fields. If you have any of these problems contact me and i'll help you start on your healing process.

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Distance Stress Relief Globally

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Stress & Tension

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Treatment for Pets