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Flower Essence Therapy
For Emotional Health


Flower Essence tinctures are infusions of the blossoms. From a wide variety of wildflowers, trees, shrubs, and other cultivated plants.

How It Works?

Flower essences are vibrational in nature and work through the various human energy fields, influencing emotion and physical well-being.

Their most significant impact comes from rebalancing emotional states which are believed to be causative factors behind most, if not all. Illnesses, thus changing a person's AWARENESS and promoting growth.

Bach's traditional flower remedies, each flower is associated with an emotional outcome: rose to reignite your passion for life, cherry plum to find clarity in chaos, olive for restoring mental energy.

Beech - Fagus sylvatica

Positive qualities: Tolerance, acceptance of others’ differences and imperfections, seeing the good within each person and situation; ability to offer praise to others.


Patterns of imbalance: Criticalness, judgmental attitudes, intolerance; perfectionist expectations of others; hyper-reactive to one’s social and physical environment due to underlying sensitivity.

Baby Blue Eyes - Nemophila Menziesii (light blue)

Positive qualities: Childlike innocence and trust; feeling supported and loved, especially by male figures; faith in the providence of spiritual beings.

Patterns of imbalance: Defensiveness, insecurity, mistrust of others; estrangement from higher spiritual authority; lack of support from the father or other masculine influences in childhood.

Of the 38 options, the most popular remedies include:

White Chestnut to calm a restless mind, so you can fall asleep naturally.

Star of Bethlehem to neutralize grief (think those who've experienced a shock like bereavement, illness, or bad news). Mimulus to help face fears like public speaking, flying, heights, or darkness.

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