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Bioneuroemotion Session


We guide you to find and understand the biological meaning of the symptoms that manifest in you body, understanding that in nature everything is information and, in some way, this information is established through learnings in our subconscious."


Bioneuroemotion objective: Facilitate the attainment of the well-being and health of people. Promote a holistic view of life, connecting the mind with the body and the environment. Integrate with different social and health sciences to achieve a holistic approach to physical and emotional problems.


It is based on scientific, philosophical, and humanist disciplines that study emotions and their relationship to beliefs, perception, body, and interpersonal relationships.


Its main objective is to understand and influence emotional health. The main element of work is the change of perception and understanding of unconscious information transmitted by our culture and our family, with the aim of achieving a change of information and therefore creating a new and more positive reality.


"Whoever does not know his or her history is doomed to repeat it"

-Napoleon Bonaparte-

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