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The Quantum Energy Balancer

Praying Wheel

  • 99 hours
  • Post Road

Service Description

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please download the correct form from the Client Consent Applications Menu and send it back to me at: Fill out and send a picture of the recipient to our whatsup before agreeing to this service. The QEB program is a form of “virtual”, continuous, life affirming prayer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What does this mean? It means that your picture, which is a holographic representation of YOU, is being prayed over by the sacred intent of YOURSELF. As more people come on board, they too, will be able to receive and accept the energetic waves and affirmations of the QEB. As the digital image spins around the hard drive, it sends the peaceful prayer of compassion to all directions and purifies the area. -the Dalai Lama As demographic or personal information is entered into the Quantum Energy Balancing program, a series of energetic patterns or waves, consisting of Light, Sound, Color, Sacred Geometry, (using specific mathematical repetitions), Sacred Videos, Sacred Music and Master affirmations/prayers are applied by means of a specially designed “Prayer Wheel.” The combined information is then administered to the individual, through their photographic image, and her or his intention regardless of location. It is now considered, and accepted by many, that the energy of prayer and other life affirming postulates may transcend all time and space. Therefore, the QEB program recognizes the unconditional freedom of each participant to accept or reject any of the energetic intents or patterns contained within the scope of the presentation, always maintaining the option to enter, stop or reenter the program at any time. The body is energy, harmonic balancing strives to establish harmonic resonance within your body and energy field. COST OF THE QEB PROGRAM Yearly Subscription Adult $550., Child $250., Pet $150. Business Location $750. Animal Farms & Growing fields $ 950. Send us: Digital Picture of the recipient of the benefits sent by WhatsApp 646-377-0448

Contact Details

  • 5625 Post Road #1 Bronx, NY 10471


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